Automobile Accidents

If you've been involved in an automobile accident you can file a personal injury claim against the person who caused the damages. There are several things you'll want to consider moving forward so it's essential you get in contact with a lawyer as soon as possible, if not immediately following the accident.

The type of compensation you'll be entitled depends upon the severity of your injuries. It's critical that you visit a doctor even if you think the injuries you sustained are minor. As you'll need to be able to document your injuries and show proof to support your claim.

You also don't always have to be driving in order to file a claim; you can be a passenger in the vehicle as well.

What are the most common personal injuries sustained from automobile accidents?

The most common injuries that result from an automobile accident are: head and neck injuries, spinal injuries, pain and suffering, and even other bodily injuries, such as shoulder, arm and leg.

No matter the severity of your injury you'll want to start working with a lawyer right away. If you've been hurt in an automobile related accident get in touch with us today.

Why should I consult a doctor right away?

You'll need to document every aspect of your injury and accident. Having a doctor record your injuries will help you build a stronger case to support your injury claim.

We've fought hard for our clients who've sustained injuries due to automobile accidents, and believe that you deserve just compensation for any injuries that might have arisen.

What common questions should I ask my attorney?

After an accident there will be a lot on your mind, and you'll be very busy. However, you'll want to keep the following questions in mind when speaking with your attorney.

  • How can I prove that the accident wasn't my fault?
  • What is the best defense to ensure I can minimize the damages I have to pay?
  • Can I recover any money, even if the accident was partially my fault?

If you've sustained an injury get in contact with Khechumyan Law Offices. We'll fight for your rights and protection.