Bicycle Accidents

At Khechumyan Law Offices we believe that as a bicyclist you have every right to the road that another motorized vehicle has. We also believe that your rights need to be protected, especially following a serious injury.

Bicycle riders sustain a huge amount of injuries and even fatalities every single year. Most often the accidents that occur are due to the fault of motor vehicle drivers. Often riders are injured or killed by drivers who forget to check their blind spots, or make turns in front of cyclists, open doors while they're riding by, pull away from stop signs without looking both ways, or a host of other unsafe driving practices. Sometimes, motor vehicle drivers can even be unaware that bicyclists have the same rights to the road that their vehicle does.

As a bicyclist you always need to be fully alert and aware when on the road. However, even if you are fully aware and are biking very carefully, accidents do still occur.

If you or a loved one sustained an injury while riding a bike, and it was at the fault of another vehicle, you may have a claim that is worth pursuing. As a bicyclist you are entitled to the same amount of compensation as other vehicles on the road.

If you have sustained an injury, it's crucial that you begin to work with an attorney as early on in the process as possible. The amount of compensation you're awarded is directly related to the strength of your case. If you wait too long to hire a bicycle accident attorney crucial evidence could disappear, or you could even lose eyewitness accounts. Of course, make sure you seek the proper medical attention. However, getting in touch with the Khechumyan Law Offices should be a close second priority.

We will do everything in our power to ensure your rights as a bicyclist are protected so you end up with fair compensation for any injuries sustained.