Wrongful Death/Catastrophic Injuries

Wrongful death and catastrophic injuries, such as a brain injury can be a huge emotional, physical and financial blow to your family and loved ones. If you have suffered a loss of this kind, or have been deeply affected by a traumatic injury, it's crucial that you work with a lawyer as soon as possible.

At Khechumyan Law Offices we will do everything in our power to ensure that justice is served and the responsible party pays the full amount possible under the law. If wrongful death, or a catastrophic injury occurs and it effects the family's main source of income, then it's crucial that you obtain full damages to cover your family's expenses and medical costs now and into the future.

There are several reasons catastrophic injury and wrongful death occur, however the most common are a result of: toxic substances, assault and battery, accidents in the workplace, accidents involving motor vehicles, accidents involving a dangerous premises, and defective products.

Wrongful Death

When a wrongful death occurs, it's life altering for the victim's family and loved ones. The law allows a personal representative of the deceased to initiate a claim for the damages and seek compensation. Usually, this representative will be a surviving spouse or children.

Often, the damages you may seek to obtain can be some of the following: medical expenses, funeral expenses, pain and suffering for children or the surviving spouse, lost earnings, and loss of support and services to the family.

Catastrophic Injury

A catastrophic injury can also be life-altering to the family and the victim. The causes can range from permanent to long-lasting disability, and life-long pain and suffering. Most catastrophic injuries include the following: head and brain injuries, injuries to your spinal cord, paralysis, and even amputation.

Catastrophic injury usually requires intensive care for the rest of your life. If you have suffered the loss of a wrongful death or a catastrophic injury, get in touch with the Khechumyan Law Offices as soon as possible.