Dog Bites

Dog bites inflict thousands of Americans across the US every single year. In fact, dog bites are one of the most common animal injuries that occur. Depending on the circumstances that led to the dog bite, the owner of the animal can be held responsible for any of the damages that were sustained. Often, this can lead to compensation on behalf of the victim.

What to do if you are bitten by a dog?

Before you do anything else you'll want to ensure that you are safe, and your injuries are taken care of. Make sure you seek medical attention as soon as possible, following the injury. Animal bites can lead to a host of medical issues, so it's critical that you have your injury looked at by medical professionals immediately.

As an added benefit, if you do decide to move forward with a dog bite personal injury claim, you'll have your injuries documented and it will make for a stronger case.

After you've had your injuries tended to, it's a good idea to consult with the Khechumyan Law Offices as soon as possible. Our lawyers will be able to help you move forward with your personal injury claim, and ensure your rights are protected.

It's also pertinent that you either write down or remember the details surrounding the incident where the dog bite occurred. At the very least you'll need the contact information of the owner of the dog who bit you. If you absolutely can't remember what happened you can always ask a neighbor, or any witnesses who saw the event unfold.

Going through an injury of any kind can be a very trying time, working with our lawyers will ensure this process goes as smooth as possible, and we will do our best to ease any burden you may be facing.